Saori Hara 原紗央莉

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Saori Hara Profile
Name : Saori Hara 原紗央莉
DOB : 1/1/88
Birthplace : Hiroshima
Blood Type : O
Height : 165 cm
Measurement : 85-61-85 (cm)
Cup Size : E
saori hara

Saori Hara DVD

D06748 Very Extreme Life 4 Hours SP - Saori Hara, Ai Haneda, Nina, Nao Mizuki, Roa Sumikawa, Riri Kuribayashi SDMT-586

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Saori Hara Brown Eyes

D2873 Saori Hara, Yuri Amami, Yuu Haruka, Ryo Akanishi Perfect Actress

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Saori Hara Miracle AV Debut



About Saori Hara

Saori Hara (原紗央莉) is a gravure idol, singer, and AV actress. She was born Mai Kato on January 1, 1988 in Hiroshima Prefecture. She is 3/4ths Japanese; her paternal grandfather is German.

When Hara was in 9th grade, she made her way from Hiroshima to Tokyo with the goal of becoming an idol under the stage name Mai Nanami (七海まい). After her initial failure to break into show business, she decided to concentrate on her education at Tokyo’s entertainment industry-focused Horikoshi High School. After graduating, she spent two years drifting between part-time jobs and sparse acting work before finally getting back into the world of entertainment in earnest, making her second debut under her current stage name in 2008.

On November 25, 2008, Hara announced her impending adult video debut via an article in Shogakukan’s sabra magazine titled “SAORI-CHUU-BE”. After that post, her blog reportedly jumped from an average of 200 views a day to over 10,000. On January 22, 2009, her AV debut, “Geinojin Hara Saori Kiseki no AV Debut”, was released by Soft On Demand, eventually selling over 100,000 copies.


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